Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So my school is in a really old building...

And that really old building is impressive and historical and lovely.  However, it also results in some interesting things.  The stairs are really high, almost too high for the first graders to climb.   It's cold.  The smallest children play on the indoor patios, and the older children on the outdoor patios, and both are covered in flag stone.  And best of all, there are really old taxidermied animals lining the halls of the preschool.  And they are shoddily made, scary as anything, and generally snarling/killing each other.  The kids give them a wide berth, walking on the other side of the hall.  I don't blame them.  And yet?  I love those creepy taxidermied animals.  So I took photos for you!
the... exotic animals?  tiny deer, armadillo, and spiky possums

the owls
pure unadulterated evil... the goat
the window full of weasels!
the lynx, squirrels, and hedgehogs
the killer fox and his chicken dinner
the wolf and his sheep prey... do please notice the blood!
I don't even know what this is...
the evil leopard
There are also many other windows of various birds, but I decided not to photograph those... the other teachers were already giggling at me.  I hope you enjoyed the horror!


Anonymous said...

don't like them stuffed animals building looks nice though I am sending you a regular E mail in about 5 minutes love and kisses grandma xoxo

Dad said...

I'm glad that the lynx, squirrels, and hedgehogs all can live together in harmony. Also, just too many weasels!!

PNG said...

Hello, Lauren: My husband and I just stumbled upon your blog. We are so excited about that! Namely, because we are headed to San Lorenzo de El Escorial next week. I home school our children & we are bringing 5 of them with us to Europe because of my husband's conference at Maria Christina University. I was just asking our concierge at the hotel if she knew of a teacher who would be willing to let us visit their school so my children could meet other children (Spanish) in a different school setting. (We are looking for things to do while my husband is busy at his conference!;) She said she would give us names of schools & we could enquire once there. What do you think? I know it might be a long shot, but I thought I would just try. Blessings, Grace P.S. We have a family blog & I can get you an e-mail if you would like to discuss this further. Thx!

L's Mom said...

Pretty cool. Who dusts them? LOL. Glad you had a great trip. Love & miss you! Love, Mom o0xo0x