Sunday, February 13, 2011

250th post

This is my 250th blog post.  That's a quarter of a thousand posts.  I don't remember my 200th post, but my 100th yes... I was moving out of my first flat in Budapest and a man was cutting trees with a chainsaw, using only a rope for protection.

I started this blog on August 19th, 2008.  That means I am writing this 250th post five days before its two-and-a-half year birthday.  Or, that I write about 100 posts a year.  That's about two a week, though I certainly go in fits and starts.  And it's really amazing how something so silly as a blog can mean so much to me.  Because I really do love this little place, and writing in it.  It's been such a help for me to have a place to work through my thoughts and reactions.  This blog was where I wrote about crazy Hungarians, the fears and excitement of a girl abroad, the joys of festivals and travels, my loneliness, my happiness, my heart break at leaving Budapest, the trials of a Spanish masters program, my students, my friends, my pets, my family, and my life.

Thanks for reading.  I hope to keep writing for a long time.


Dad said...

Go LL, go LL!

Thanks for the blog! Love ya, Dad xoxo

LL's Mom said...

I hope you write for a long, long time. Skype lets me see you. This helps me to understand you as an adult. I love and miss you! Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Mom xo0xo0