Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Balls, pizzas, and rides home

I went to a ball! It was a sort of interesting experience, full of alcohol that I did not drink, raffle prizes that I did not win, and delicious food that I most definitely did eat. It also contained the lovely Zsuzsi, who chattered my ear off all night and demanded a "real answer" as to why I would possibly ever end up in Hungary. Sadly, I think she was left unsatisfied. Old couples danced old dances together, and the raffle went on for forty-five minutes. They also served not one but TWO dinners, both made up exclusively of meats, noodles, mayonaisse, and cake, and sent 14-year-olds around with giant trays of shots. An American school's fundraising event it most definitely was not!

At the start of the ball, in front of the strange "tree of life" in Briggi's school.

Tenth graders doing traditional dancing. If I ever watch a traditional dance and don't jump four feet in the air when one girl suddenly shrieks, come kidnap me. It will mean I will have been in Hungary for far too long.

The four "P"s of Hungary: palinka (whisky/moonshine), pogacsa (salty cheese rolls), pickles (um, that's English!), and pezsgo (champagne).

Briggi was slightly embarrassed after sending her tenth grade students to sneak our table some more champagne.

Upon arriving home on Sunday, Lyla and I trucked over to the Tesco where we found, miracle of miracles... vegetables! So we made a lovely ruccola and sheep's cheese pizza, and filled our fridge with delicious colorful leafy things. On the subject of vegetables, I have discovered that, at least here in Hungary... I like tomatoes. In fact, my lunch today was a tomato and mozzarella sandwich. I do sort of squeeze most of the seeds out... but the things are like candy here. So delicious. Tonight... tacos!

Yesterday I was walking from school to the tram, in the rain and without an umbrella as usual. One of my colleagues drove by, and waved. Then, suddenly, she stopped her car, and offered me a ride. She wound up taking me halfway across town and cutting my commute in half. It was splendid. Thanks Klari!

I end the post on a funny little note... I live with an unabashed theif. Lucky she's cute!


Dad said...

She's one cute rodent.

Booze dispensing students--never in the USA. Sounds and looks like a blast.

Love ya, Dad xoxox

Anonymous said...

Lauren Kids serving alcohol WOW thats something sounds like fun. Lots, of food Glad you found a vegetable place, Tomatoes are good for you. When you come home if ever in fall you can eat your mothers homegrown tomatoes. The mouse is so cute or is he a rat. Love as always Grandma XO

Mom said...

Once again you look great. Glad you are having a wonderful time. I sure do love and miss you. Love, MOM o0xo0xo0 Benzilita is so cute being a rat and all. LOL o0xo0xo0