Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the way to my heart

I have been stressed and worried. I have been wandering around school in a haze all day, except when snapped out of it by outrage at my spring-crazy students.

Sitting in the staff room, I heard Balint suddenly ask one of the other teachers if Saturday would be a work day. She replied that it would. Balint caught my eye, then asked, "Do you know...?"

"Yes." I cut him off with a smile.

A startled blink. "Why don't we just speak Hungarian? Since you understand everything?"

I deferred, and acted modest, and danced a happy I-am-awesome dance to myself.


Mom said...

You are getting it. I sure do love and miss you. Love, MOM o0xo0x

Anonymous said...

Hi baby yes you are awesome Love and miss you Grandma XOXO