Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Every year here in Madrid, the local (national) chain of department stores, El Corte Ingles, decorates all of their stores with massive light fixtures that occasionally blink and flash.  The most special one, though, is the one near Plaza del Sol.  Here, one side of the store is turned into a giant animatronics show called Cortylandia.  Each year it is different with the exception of the opening and closing songs.  I've seen ones in the past featuring animals, but this year featured the most famous buildings of several different countries, all with faces, and all speaking Spanish with thick accents.  It was led by "Cibeles," the fountain in the center of Madrid.

There was also a chorus of children from different countries and a few animals.  Of course, each child was dressed in the most stereotypical way possible (Spanish flamenco dancers, Italian gondoliers, American cowboys and indians, and so forth).  The chorus seemed to exist primarily to mock the other countries' buildings.  I have to admit it was pretty funny, especially as someone who has on more than one occasion been on the receiving end of an accent joke.  "Jo-o say amare-eee-cahnah" is some Spaniards' favorite thing to say to us americanas when our accents are less than perfect.  Though, actually, the Statue of Liberty's accent was far from the worst!

I don't think Lyla totally followed the story, though she could surely appreciate the over-the-top ridiculousness of it all, but I found it hilarious.  It was also super cute to see all the parents dancing their kids on their shoulders and everyone singing along with the theme song.

The first video is of the theme song and the second is a great example of some of the magnificent Spanish accents featured.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

This looked so cute the kids really looked nice in their bird costumes I love to watch little kids do things as they know no boundaries. Seems like things are back to normal for you hope so enjoy it be careful Love you grandma xoxo