Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm living...

I haven't been blogging, I know. What I have been doing since last week's post...

*attending a meeting of expats, where I lost miserably at table soccer and learned new party tricks

*attending a second meeting of expats, where I learned about the Hungarian political system... sort of

*finding a new flat to live in, starting in July! It's huge and central, and imagining how I will decorate it makes me irrationally happy.

*making jello shots. Thanks mom! (Lyla just chimed in with "Thanks Cyndi!... She was instrumental in introducing half a dozen Hungarians to the jello shot.")

* walking the streets of Budapest with large glasses of sangria

* pub hopping with Lyla and a Singaporean boy

* running around town with a pair of Greeks, some very lovely people

* visiting the House of Terror, an impossibly depressing and very atmospheric museum dedicated to the horribleness of Nazis and early Communists in Hungary... for FREE cause I'm a teacher!

* seeing an excellent Mucha exhibit and an interesting Moreau exhibit at the fine arts museum

* walking most of Andrassy ut

* acquiring a new private student, Orsi

* taking a four hour nap yesterday afternoon after only three hours of sleep on Monday night... oops!

* discovering that Bencelita is no longer afraid of the floor, and can run around freely to her heart's content... only to be lured back by the sweet smell of salami

* putting grades into the naplo and elenorzos for the first time without any mistakes

* getting into actual conversations with colleagues and strangers

* dancing and practically skipping in the middle of the sidewalk, inspired by the sudden sunshinyness and beauty permeating the Hungarian sky, and, thus, my heart

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Dad said...

Nice week. In Clifford I:
-Cleared some brush

Keep soaking it in and revel in the knowledge of how jealous so many people are of you!

Miss ya. Love, Dad xo