Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buda Castle Wine Fest

So way back a thousand years ago (people tell me it was only three years ago, but it must have been a thousand, surely), I went to a wine festival up on the Buda Castle with Lyla and had an awesome time at one of my first Hungarian events.  We went back our second year, as well.  This wine festival is a lot of fun, if a bit snobby and expensive.  I always have a great time, though, because you get a bit of extra love as a foreigner, and get to taste lots of delicious wine and food.  Last night's wine festival had the added benefit of taking place on possibly the most gorgeous night of the year.  It was warm, with a cool breeze, and the full moon floated lazily over the castle.  And I along with some new American friends got all emotional about it.  Because Budapest is so gorgeous, and so special, and where else in the world can you sit down on the floor of a castle's courtyard to eat potato pancakes and drink wine?

Kriszta, me, and Anna... notice the neck-pouches for the wine glasses!
beautiful pink over Pest at sunset
the castle and the moon
Parliament is all lit up now, which I love, plus the Chain Bridge.
the castle and the moon, again


LL's Mom said...

I wish I could of went. I love potato pancakes and wine. LOL Love ya, Mom o0xo0xo0

Dad said...

You might get Mom to visit again after all!

Love ya xoxo