Friday, September 2, 2011

First day teaching in the upper school...

This is my fifth year teaching, and yet I still feel nervous every year on the first day.  In fact, I always have the same dream: that my students turn into octopi and eat me.  Yeah, I don't get it either.

Yesterday was the opening ceremony, and then I went up to my "homeroom" class.  So, I'm not their homeroom teacher, nor am I their official assistant homeroom teacher.  I am their main English teacher, though, and their "Class Year Leader."  So.  I went up and told them the new expectations for the year and it went fine.

Today was the first day teaching, and I made a mistake in the Geography lesson.  Context: the first two weeks of Geography is actually like Geology.  And when the students said one type of mountains were older than the other, and they were wrong, I was all like "Yeah!" until my Hungarian partner teacher essentially said "Wa wa." And I was embarrassed.  That sucks!  What an awful thing to do in one's first lesson with a class.

But then I had to teach a Spanish lesson at the last second, and I just winged it, and it went beautifully.  And I felt better about myself again.

Happy New Year!  For me, at least, the new year starting in September is always the one that really counts.  It probably doesn't hurt that it falls so near to my birthday!

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Anonymous said...

you will do fine as usual first day always nervous but you will make it love and miss youxoxoxo