Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aerobic Dance Competition

So the whole world knows that gymnastics is a thing.  What you may not know, though, is that aerobic dance is also a thing.  It is, essentially, the child of gymnastics and break dancing, floor routines with a bit more dancing and fewer flips.  On Sunday I traveled all the way out to Budaors to watch the International Aerobic Open, held here in Hungary, because my old teaching partner, Edit, was competing in it with her group.  And it was a little bit crazy, and a lot bit awesome.  The costumes were in your face, the techno beats were pounding, and everyone was walking around with an enormous grin.  Enjoy.

You can compete individually, in trios, or in groups.
This being an aerobics competition, some people also brought steps to better show off their skills.
Edit's group breaks it down.
Some groups started with some pretty snazzy movements.
There were even men and male groups.  Most of the men were from Eastern Europe.  This is the only Western European men's group, naturally from France.
And this being Hungary, a folk dance group showed up as well for the closing ceremonies.


Anonymous said...

Lauren Read all your blogs they were very good Enjoyed your rattie one You are such a good writerWell it is offical we are moving on Wed, the 2nd Will write more later Pictures of Vienna were beautiful Glad you were well enough to go You looked so nice in your pictures love and miss you xoxoxo

LL's Mom said...

WOW! Have fun in Scotland. Love and miss you, Mom xo0o0x

Dad said...

How'd your friend do? Looks like an American cheerleading competition.

Love ya and have fun in Scotland.

Love ya XOXO