Thursday, October 6, 2011


I went to a sports shop today to try to get an LED light for my bike.  A shop assistant popped right up and asked if I need help.  Normally I just say that I'm only looking and then I get left alone.  Today, though, I was feeling bold.

"Yes, I need a bike light, an LED one (said el ay day, magyar style)."
"What?  El ay day?"
AHHH!  My brain went.  How could that not work?  "Um, yes.  It's a type of light.  El ay day."
He stared at me.
I stammered, "El ay day.  A bike light.  A type of bike light.  Maybe we could just go and look at them?"
He stared some more.  I stared back.  The gears visibly ground in both our heads.

After what seemed like three weeks, he jumped slightly and near shouted, "AH!  LED-es!  (led like Ted, plus esh)."
I was thrilled.  "Igen!!  LEDes!!"

And then we spontaneously high fived.  Life is pretty awesome sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

thank God I don't have to ride a bike as I would ptobably kill myself love you xoxo