Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An update on my little ratties

First, let me say that I had fifteen posts during the 31 days of January.  That's pretty much every other day, and definitely, thus far, in keeping with my New Year's Resolution.  Go me!

I thought it would be worth an update on my sweet rattie boys, Smokey and Dexter.  They are big, full-grown ratties now!  Especially Dexter, who is a bit of a chubster.  And it's funny how two brothers can be so different.  Smokey is brash and brave, as well as a bit of a bully.  He will steal treats and shove your hand to get what he wants, then grab that same hand and kiss it for a minute or two.  Dexter is a shy little cuddle bug, hiding from loud noises, but always happy to have a scratch or sit on my shoulder.  They can do tricks, spinning and walking on their hind legs, and answer to their names without hesitation.  Even Anna has warmed up to them.  Just little bundles of sunshine.



Dad said...

Handsome little buggers. Give them a pat for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi honey Finally got to read all your blogs very very interesting your writing is really good Hope you feel better soon and I love the ratties they are adorable. enjoy all your trips and can't wait to see you again. love and kisses grandme xoxoxo

LL's Mom said...

It is strange that they can be so different. Look at you and your sister.LOL Love and miss you, Mom xo0o

PS: They are so cute!