Friday, April 8, 2011

March visit to Budapest

Liberty Bridge (Szabadsag Hid)
The first week in March, just three days after getting back to Madrid from Canterbury, I headed to Budapest for a visit.  It was mostly play, but partly work as well... I had to finalize some details for my job for next year.  And it was, of course, a lovely visit, and even though this time I had almost five days in Budapest, it was still not enough time.  The lovely Miss Anna was kind enough to host me, and her family was great and filled me with food.  I went to karaoke, pub quiz (third place again, WHAT?), a Hungarian party, lunch at Mate's, had coffee with Lily, out with Magda, and to the Szechenyi baths with Balint and Scott.  I also got to rock out in Hungarian a LOT so I was very pleased with that.  It was a great visit.  Best of all, though, was spending two full days at Krudy, seeing my old colleagues and hanging out with my old students.  Almost everyone was surprised to see me, so that was fun.  I miss it a lot.  It's really a special place, and I can't wait to go back!

4th grade girls
3rd grade girls

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