Thursday, January 19, 2012

I passed!

I just went to the stationer's to buy a card for my grandma, who had back surgery. The lady working there was incredibly friendly and helpful. We chatted about the crazy weather for a few minutes, then she showed me the get well cards. I looked through them and then decided a blank card would be better, since my grandma can't read the printed greeting.

The shop lady was confused and asked me why I was sending a card if my grandmother couldn't read. I stared at her, confused, and said that she could read, just not Hungarian.

The lady said, "Oh, ok, your grandmother isn't Hungarian!"  I said, "Well, I'm not Hungarian?"

And then the woman said, "Really?!?"

Ahhh. I'm so self-satisfied right now.  And now off to my Hungarian lesson, so I can continue tricking people!


Dad said...

I knew this day would come. Congrats, my multilingual world traveler!

I know how pumped you were when that happened. Love ya xo

christie said...

i extend the highest of fives! :D