Sunday, January 15, 2012


The weather this year has been decidedly weird.  When I arrived in July, it was gray and rainy, along with temperatures in the 60s.  Then, mid August brought incredibly hot weather that lasted into October.  In November, every thing seemed like it was starting to be normal again.  But then, it stayed that way.  And all through December and since I've been back in January, the weather has been dry and only in the 40s.  No snow.  No beautiful winter weather.  This week, it became incredibly windy, but still no snow.

But last night, it snowed.  Just a little bit, and I'm sure it has since melted.  Still, coming home last night with the city lights on and a light dusting making everything more beautiful... it was gorgeous.  Budapest is so beautiful!

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LL's Mom said...

It is nice to see snow without dirt on it. Adds sparkle to the night.I miss you. Love, Mom xo0o0xo