Saturday, January 28, 2012

Travel bug...

Now, as you know, I went to Istanbul in August, to Vienna in September, to Edinburgh in October/November, and then home to the States over Christmas.  I have a trip planned to Paris for March 14-19.  I will be going to the Ukraine over Easter at the beginning of April.  I'll be going somewhere else for my four-day weekend at the end of April, and for my three-day weekend at the end of May.  I'll spend a month over the summer either working at a camp somewhere or spending some of my Americorps money studying in Salamanca.  I am, in all honesty, set for traveling.

And still, my bug is nibbling at me.  I have to get somewhere in the next few weeks.  Mid-March is just too far away.

Beyond that, my deep desire to head to South America has taken over again.  I've been checking out flights, and it is just ridiculous... 600.000 HUF for the flights alone!  Granted, that is Budapest to Rio, then to Lima, then to Santiago de Chile, then to Buenos Aires, then to Newark to visit my family.  So it's a lot of flights.  But it's also a lot of money!  And I want to go so badly and spend a month traveling around South America.  I need to do it, I've wanted to do it for so long.

Never mind all the other places: Russia, India, Thailand, China, Egypt, a safari.

Ah!  The world is just so big and awesome and I just want to see it all!


Dad said...

Only a few hours to Clifford. Just sayin

Özer Utku said...

I went to Budapest. Very nice place. A place to explore the river Danube. Trip to Budapest, where I was told my notes (gezi).